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What our Clients are Saying!


Monica M: Haymarket, Virginia

"David and his team have done an outstanding job of ensuring that our lawn stays plush, green and well maintained all year long. At times he has made suggestions on how to take better care of our other areas in our yard which, have helped us in making sure that not only our grass but everything in our yard is super fabulous! I would highly recommend him to my family and friends."


Eric L: Haymarket, Virginia

"For years I have cut my own lawn and one day David knocked on my door to discuss his services. I was a bit apprehensive because all the landscaping services that I called wanted an arm and a leg to cut our grass and trim but not JD's Landscaping. He offered me a price I could not refuse. It has now been two years since I cut my own lawn and it has never looked better. Thank You JD's Landscaping!"


Noah & Jackie S: Haymarket, Virginia

"JD's Landscaping has done a wonderful job of cutting and maintaining our yard. They cut and edge the lawn, taking care of all clippings. We’ve also used them to clear away shrubs and bushes, which they did professionally."

What our clients are saying!
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